Various corners of workshops are offered to children in their class:
Construction corner, kitchen corner, theater corner, reading corner, and table plays. The objective is to get children ready for school and develop healthy living habits. Workshops will always be related to the themes.
Examples of workshops: crafts (cutting, collage, drawing), mathematical concepts, logic games… Workshops allow children to develop their attention, communication, listening, taste of reading, enrich their vocabulary, nourish their creativity, imagination, senses and more.

Free play is an important tool for expression for a child. During this period, he can play alone or in group depending of his needs under the supervision of an educator. He chooses the activity according to his tastes and interests.
Examples of free games: role plays, construction games, puzzles, drawing, reading… Free games allow children to develop their focus, fine and gross motor skills, self-esteem, cooperation, socialization, and above all the pleasure of learning.
Whether it’s fall, winter, spring or summer, outside play is very beneficial to a developing child. it helps him expel energy, get plenty of natural light and fresh air, and build aesthetic awareness for the beauty of nature that surrounds him while using his 5 senses. Kids will enjoy playing in Parc Kent, a nearby playground close to our daycare and infants will enjoy walks around the neighborhood in our buggies.
Science has proven that music is essential for a developing young mind and children who play or sing music regularly perform better in academics starting with elementary school. With music, children develop language skills, improve their memory, cognitive development, expressive abilities and self control.
The importance of music cannot be understated for children development. That is why we are proud to integrate music in our curriculum with weekly lessons filled with music, stories and activities designed for your child’s age. Different instruments will be discovered from African drums, ukulele, parachutes, shakers, and more for infinite moments of fun and learning.
Active children are happy children. Good physical health is a critical component for brain development. As part of our curriculum, we encourage children to adapt a healthy and active lifestyle at an early age through our multi-sports program. We have a privileged and unique collaboration with a specialist in physical education programs for early childhood to set kids up for a lifetime of active fun. Ball, racquet or net: This expertly coached, skill based program is designed to promote physical literacy and build self-confidence so every kid can get in the game and stay in the game.
Hockey, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, golf and tennis. Each week, children will practice a different sport giving them the opportunity to practice a variety of basic sports skills in a fun, non-competitive environment, because as we know: Having fun is the key to keeping kids in the game.